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Clever words on pages turn to fragments, circles, points and lines

and they cover them like carpets with graceful, meaningless, ornamental designs.

Christina Dubicki

Marriage is love.

a river like me will
thaw in the spring
release all my captive
leaves and things
i'll throw you a fish
if you wish a pretty nickle
on me
a crocodile come around
i know i aint no good company

progress exists in our own
set of rules
and our own set of rules
is for a fine set of fools
for another pretty nickle
i've a riddle i could spit
in your eye
tell me when a mourning dove
could ever really get enough
to fly

i'll kill my blue summer beans
i'll tell you once again
it aint all what it seems
every little thing we do
is a compromise
to make it to the day
we have to dance all through
the night